Faq3At Butterworth Constructions although we specialize in renovations and additions we can also construct new custom built homes to the same exacting standard as our renovations.
As we only undertake no more than two projects at any one time all carpentry and site supervision is carried out by Darren Butterworth being the owner and director of the company, with the aid of our fully qualified carpenters.
We are committed to enduring a reputation for quality workmanship through our contractors, therefore we have built a long standing relationship with all our local contractors. We use the same local contractors from project to project and all relevant licenses are held with the Department Fair Trading.
All projects over $13000.00 are covered with Home Owners Warranty through Calliden Insurance Services. Public liability and contract works insurance are covered through Allianz Insurance
This is dependent on the scope of works to be undertaken; it is sometimes possible to undertake the work in stages therefore allowing the clients to remain during the renovations saving possible rental fees. Usually if there is a large amount of works to be undertaken it is more practical to relocate as the work can be undertaken faster and there is less inconvenience to the clients through dust, noise etc.
This is again totally dependent on the work to be undertaken. As we only carry out no more than two projects at any one time there is usually always some work carried out daily therefore reducing the time to complete the project.
If you would like to source your own bathroom fixtures, tiles, appliances etc you are more than welcome to supply these items for us to install, we will advise you of a schedule when these items are required.
As we are generally onsite fulltime there is daily communication between Darren Butterworth, the client and/or contractors regarding all facets of the construction.
A fixed price contract is preferred by some clients as they can set a budget for a set amount of money that will be required to undertake any construction work. Although the words “fixed price contract” are used there should always be a contingency sum set aside for any variations or unforeseen circumstances that may arise during construction.

An open book cost plus contract is sometimes used so as to eliminate the need to price on the worst case scenario therefore you only pay for work undertaken at an hourly rate plus a builder’s margin. The main reason for this is there are no variations charged out due to changes, supply of materials by owner if preferred and work to be done in stages to suit budget requirements.

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